Monday, February 23

Help Yourself!

For every day that we whine and cry about the lack of support that we haven't received, we could be working on our businesses. To be honest, NO ONE HAS TO SUPPORT YOU. That includes parents, spouse and children. The only one responsible for supporting you and your business ideas is YOU! If you're not supporting yourself don't expect anyone else to do it.

How do you know when you're not supporting yourself?

If you are:

  • unwilling to put in the time-you can say, "I'm too tired because I have the children and I have to walk the monkey and clean off the picture frames..." or "I can't because my husband won't paint the windows or babysit the gorilla ...", or whatever the excuse; if you are spending more time talking about that, then looking for ways around that, then you're not supporting yourself.
  • unwilling to spend money because you're afraid that, "the business won't work". Or "it will be something else that I start and don't finish"...or whatever the excuse; if you're afraid that it won't work then it won't and you can't expect someone else to support you in an endeavour that you are afraid to support.

"Whatever shall I do Lady T?"

I'll gladly tell you. You have two options:

  1. Be honest with yourself about your fears and doubts and then GET TO WORK.


2. Be honest with yourself about your fears and doubts and step away from the business until you have dealt with your fears and doubts.

If you need help with either one then feel free to email me

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