Thursday, February 19

Grow Some Balls Mommy!

You're at home all day with your babies. You feed them. You serve them. You kiss their boo-boos. You're letting your $120,000 college degree lie dormant because you want to be a great stay-at-home mom! So why the guilt when you need to leave the house for a few hours to work on your business?

I don't know! Is it genetically embedded into our female bodies? My husband never feels remorse when he has to leave. Somedays he doesn't even say good-bye. He just runs!

He NEVER lingers around for another round of kisses and hugs. He NEVER stops at the door and comes back to check and see if he should change a diaper. He would NEVER, EVER, EVER, put on his clothes, gather his lap top, and after taking one last look at the sad faces, and the messy room decide it's just easier to stay home!

Why do we do that?!
I don't know; but I do know that I've decided to get me some balls!
That's right. I'm going to act like a man and go to work when I need to go to work!

To All Mommy Entrepreneurs: Your business is just as important as the man's job!
Because you're growing and developing as a human being and as a woman. And every man will tell you that's sexy.
Because you're contributing to the family's finances, even if it's barely $5 a month, it will grow if you stick to it and continue to learn. Anyway, your business creates a lot of tax deductibles for the family.
Because you're teaching the observing children entrepreneurial skills.
Because you're building a family leagacy.

Now let go of the guilt, get some balls and go to work!

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  1. LOL! I was *hoping* that the balls were to illustrate juggling one's business, family, etc. (You are too funny!)