Thursday, January 29

Are We Making Money Yet?

It's no surprise but nonetheless it amazes me that there are online pitches like, "make $249,000 in a week!"

And surprisingly people still fall for it. Why people why? Haven't we heard the saying, "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is"? Didn't parents teach that to us in our early informative years? Or maybe you had a parent that was out there chasing the "too good to be true" thing and so you didn't get that lesson.

We have all seen that the ones who chase the "too good to be true" thing tend to be the lazy, want something for nothing types (a fool and his money are soon parted) OR they are the ones who are tired of working so hard and become vulnerable.

After my 5th baby my weight didn't drop back as quickly as it usually does. As a matter of fact she's 18 mos old and Im still 30lbs heavier than my normal 125. At a certain point I got desparate and where I use to laugh at the commercials that said, "Eat all the pizza, burgers, fries and steaks you want and you can still lose 50lb and you don't even have to exercise!" I found my ears perking up. And then one afternoon it even made sense. "Yes, a special formula designed to attack your fat gobules! Ingenius! I need that!!!"

You could have classified me as the lazy, want something for nothing type! But my senses came back to me before my money parted!

Anyho, when it comes to entreprenuership you're going to have to:
1. Work hard. Business is like a baby it requires nuturing and time to grow. You'll reap the benefits in the end (the end could be 2yrs from now or 10).

2. Maintain your focus. With the many details of day to day life plus the many details of babies and children this is very difficult.

3. Operate with courage, determination and persistence while being flexible and open to change. That sentence alone is hilarious. Trying to do it can teeter you on the border line of insanity.

4. Constantly learn. Keeping up with the changing technolory is cruicial and exhausting. Fortunately for me I have a teenager that I go to. I feel like an old lady begging the young man for mercy crumbs, "Pardon me sonny, but can you teach me how to convert a Youtube video and upload it onto my site? I'se be much obligied. " But hey, whatever it takes to keep up with the changing times.

Money will come but only after you have faithfully worked at these (there are other requirements, but I'll save those for another post). I love being a business coach because I help people, particularly people like me, Mommy Entrepreneurs, work faithfully at their goals. I help them maintain focus, encourage them to be persistent, and continue to work hard for what they want. When they've done that and the money starts rolling in, "Oh Happy Day!"

Money will come but you must work, focus, persist, and learn before it'll will show itself to you.

And stay away from the hype!

Wednesday, January 28

How Do You Measure Success?

Success means different things to different people and if you're not conscious in this life it is very easy to fall for someone else's definition of "success".

When I first started speaking and training on a national level I had the opportunity to sit under some pretty famous and popular speakers; Brain Tracey, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Tony Robbins just to name a few. I remember feverishly taking notes on how to "fill your appointment book with 300 speaking engagments per year." Two days later, I was feeling pretty stressed about all I had to do and when I prayed it brought me to my senses: I DON'T WANT 300 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS PER YEAR!

I had gotten side-tracked by all of the compliments of my seminars, gotten enamored with the traveling and nice hotels. More than anything, I had gotten giddy about not having to constantly change diapers and pick out their little boogers. I was delirious with joy that I didn't have to figure out what's for dinner and try to remember if I had refilled the ice trays!

So delirious that I allowed someone else to define success for me.

I am now VERY clear on my own definition.

I do a lot of self-reflection. I'm constantly presenting myself (mentally) before my Creator to check my intentions, desires, and thoughts. My constant question: Am I walking in LOVE or Am I walking in FEAR in 4 areas: my relationships, my business, my children, my spiritual growth.

When I allow fear to control my behaviors I feel guilty, or doubtful, or nervous or a failure. Example behaviours: hanging on to my children because "they grow so fast" or not moving in my business or not extending myself to people because "they'll suck up my time".

When I allow love to control my behaviors I feel liberated, joyful, I trust more, I give more. I feel like anything's possible...I feel successful. Example behaviours: trying something new, letting go of an argument even though I'm right, taking time to encourage someone who's lost hope, giving my last, doing what I believe pleases God.

It has nothing to do with money, a busy schedule, popularity or other external forces. I'm my only judge and no one even knows when my judging takes place. I'm successful when I am operating in love. When my intentions, desires and thoughts are focused on doing right and good. When I keep vigilance on those things then business flows, relationships clear up and of course I'm growing spiritually.

How do you measure success?

Sunday, January 25

"If there is anyone out there who doubts that America is a place where anything is possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer." President-elect Barack Obama declared before a crowed of 125,000 people on election night 2008.

Our 44th President of this nation is an African American. After centuries of a very painful and violent history we have come to a point where African Americans have to say, "let's get past it".

This bi-racial man rose from a home without a father and a missing mother; he was raised by his white grandparents in an obscure city in Hawaii. No one in his family is a politician. No one in his family is rich. Yet with vision, hope and help from God and his fellow-men he has made history!

What about you?

What are the issues in life that you must get past in order to move to the next level in your life or your business; to move on to better places and positions; whatever that may be for you?
Entrepreneurship may not be a part of your family history but if the urge is in you act on it and go boldly!

Whatever excuses you have used in the past it's time to let go of them. There's a change in the air. The election of an African-American in a country that is still troubled by racism says that the tides are turning. The joy, hope and expectation that's in the air, AROUND THE WORLD, because of this one man's election is electrifying! Capitalize on the change in energy and do what you've been called to do! Do it boldly! Do it with all of your might! Do it without fear! Do it with fear, just do it!