Thursday, April 30

What Makes U So Great?

I was recently asked what's the difference between "a business coach" and "a business coach for moms"? "What makes you so great?"

Glad you asked!

1. I realize that Mompreneurs have to be handled with cotton gloves. As much as we love business, feel "called" to the business or need to make money with the buiness, if it occupies too much time away from the children or too much money from the family budget we start backpeddling with Mom-Guilt. So I encourage, guide, push and motivate as if I'm coxing a powerful and beautiful lioness out of her cage and into the jungle. She can handle the jungle, but she doesn't know it yet. I don't want her to turn back to the safety and confines of the cage.

2. I email my Mommy clients an outline of our discussions, including the list of goals with the agreed upon dates of completion. This is to help the lioness stay focused. There are many distractions calling her; the cubs back in the cage and many other business ideas in the jungle. My follow-up email is printed and hung in her home office to be her visual anchor.

3. I also set my coaching hours to accomandate Mommy hours. Most Moms can't get to the phone during the 9-5 hours. The zoo is too busy. We come out of our cage to explore the JungleBusiness after hours. I talk with many of my clients either early in the a.m. or very late at night. This works well for me too because I also live in a zoo. I talk with my business coach at 3pm every other week. She is wonderful but not a mom-God bless her childless soul-so I drive down the street and sit in a church parking lot just to have a focused, uninterrupted conversation. How many coaches will schedule 11:00pm as your weekly appointment?

4. I request/demand that my clients come to the meeting as a Business Woman not a Business Mommy. In other words she cannot talk to me while fixing lunch, or doing laundry. The only thing that I will tolerate is breastfeeding her infant. This is to remind her to honor her business. Most moms are not always able to give her business full attention and many aren't taken seriously. During our sessions she has someone on the phone who honors her business and honors her as a business woman. This gives her the permission to do the same. In order to hunt successfully in the jungle she has to see herself as the true lioness that she is; this lioness is proud to hold up the mirror.

For the sake of time I won't go into all of my other "greatness" secrets. If you're interested in being coached by someone who loves building and supporting moms in their entrepreneurial pursuits, email me at

Tuesday, April 28

Am *bitch*ous by Debra Condren, Ph.D.

I love reading! Yet I'm always complaining that I don't have time to read. So last year I logged every book and surprisingly I read 12 books (and skimmed through at least 40). No more complaints from me I'll just keep chugging along!

Anyho, this weekend I read Am*bitch*ous by Debra Condren, Ph.D. Even though I don't use the "B" word I thought it was intriging, the way she captured it into her titled.
This is a must-read for all women. I'm a self-assured and confident woman. My relationship with my Creator is the source of my confidence and decisions. I'm naturally outgoing and had a good child-hood so no self-esteem issues there. But I stuggle balancing my natural desire to be ambitious and take over the world with my maternal desire to be a quiet, content, stay-home mom. The mom-guilt regularly sits me down. Periodically, it has sat me down for months at a time!

Well Debra Condren, Ph.D says there is no balance and I need to stop looking for it and trying to make it happen. "Struggle and imbalance are a normal part of life; balance is not normal." " order to be the best you can be and to acheive greatness, you need to be have to have laser-beam focus on your work."

Something I knew intuitively and something I've said while coaching clients laden with mom-guilt. But this was the first time that I read it! Yippeee! I'm free!!

Saturday, April 18

The Mom Song

We all sing some version of this song everyday!

Wednesday, April 15

Here's A Great Tax Tip for Entrepreneurs

Combine your vacation and business trip. For example: I just spent 3 days and 3 nights at a local hotel so that I could start writing my book. What a nice break from the responsibilities of home and what a nice tax write-off at the end of the year!

What is your best financial tip/advice? Leave it here.

Tuesday, April 14

Aren't You Tired of Bad News?

I don't watch the news. People (namely my mother and father)are always trying to convince me that I need to know what's going on in the world. I don't think that knowing a baby was placed in the microwave by its mother, or Brittney Spears' latest drama or how many people were bombed in Baghdad serves me. Those are things outside my sphere of control and they don't really affect my life. Those stories add to the prevalent sense of fear that is palpable in our society.

To know how many people lost their jobs and how bad the economy is, help me to be sympathic toward people and their loss, but too much of that information becomes a distraction on how I run my business. I can't coach and encourage WAHM to success if I'm also thinking of the "failing" economy. And the mom entrepreneurs that I've coached have gone on to do great things despite the "bad" economy. Why? Because we never entertain the conversation.

If you're tired of the bad news check out Great information that will make you smile and keep you encouraged!

Tuesday, April 7

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

How To Get What You Want

If you hear yourself saying statements like: "I was trying to tell him...but he just wouldn't listen", then know that you were not being direct. If you have assumptions like, "everyone knows that if I do this they should do that". Or assumptions that the other person would "do the right thing" or would "know what to do", but they don't, then know that you need to speak about your needs/wants directly.

So many women are resentful at people because "people" have let them down or disappointed them. However, when I have them to talk more about it, they have never truly communicated what they wanted.

You must open your eyes, grow up, come to an understanding, take responsibility...whatever you want to call it...stop living in your world and realize that everyone comes from a different place, a different background, a different mindset, different relationships. When dealing with a good majority of people always assume that there are no set standards and be willing to express your wants and needs. Express them directly. Express them often.

How can they "let you down" when they only had a vague understanding of what you expected from them? Their vague understanding was based solely on their interepration of your relationship and their experiences with other people in similar relationships.

Now, of course, there are many cavaets to this. Some people are stuck on selfish and they aren't trying to give you what you need. Some aren't obligated to give you what you need. Some are incapable of giving you what you need. Assess the situation.

Because, if you have a need you have the right to respectfully express it to anyone you choose.

But remember you are OBLIGATED to express it DIRECTLY, TRUTHFULLY and CANDIDLY. If you don't then save your anger and resentment for another occasion with another person.

Monday, April 6

Calling All Christian Entrepreneurial Moms!

As a mom you have the most powerful job in the world! So why do you play small? Success in your entrepreneurial venture is contingent on you taking a firm stand to walk in your power and promised blessings. Your success is NOT contingent on the economy, the government or family members supporting you. Stop playing small and helpless and go after your dreams!

I think I've said this before on video...oh yeah, here it is.