Saturday, February 28


You have unlimited resources. You have unlimited potential. You have unlimited opportunities. So why are you still crying? Why are you still worried? Why are you still wondering how it's going to work out?

If you can but tap into your Unlimited Creator who created all things, this will take care of your fears, doubts and worries.

You say, "But Lady T, I have tapped into the Unlimited Creator, I know him personally through Jesus Christ, or Budda or by reading The Koran."

I say, then why are you still crying? Why are you still worried? Why are you still wondering how it's going to work out?

Monday, February 23

Help Yourself!

For every day that we whine and cry about the lack of support that we haven't received, we could be working on our businesses. To be honest, NO ONE HAS TO SUPPORT YOU. That includes parents, spouse and children. The only one responsible for supporting you and your business ideas is YOU! If you're not supporting yourself don't expect anyone else to do it.

How do you know when you're not supporting yourself?

If you are:

  • unwilling to put in the time-you can say, "I'm too tired because I have the children and I have to walk the monkey and clean off the picture frames..." or "I can't because my husband won't paint the windows or babysit the gorilla ...", or whatever the excuse; if you are spending more time talking about that, then looking for ways around that, then you're not supporting yourself.
  • unwilling to spend money because you're afraid that, "the business won't work". Or "it will be something else that I start and don't finish"...or whatever the excuse; if you're afraid that it won't work then it won't and you can't expect someone else to support you in an endeavour that you are afraid to support.

"Whatever shall I do Lady T?"

I'll gladly tell you. You have two options:

  1. Be honest with yourself about your fears and doubts and then GET TO WORK.


2. Be honest with yourself about your fears and doubts and step away from the business until you have dealt with your fears and doubts.

If you need help with either one then feel free to email me

Saturday, February 21


I have been asked by several clients, all over the age of 35, if it's really necessary to have a website? My answer is always a polite ARE U CRZY?
Listen and read up all entrepreneur women over the age of 35: You absolutely, must, without a shadow of a doubt, unequivocally, definitly, H to the ECKY yeah, gotta have a website!!!

The business card use to be the item that told the world that one is serious about his business. Now it's the website. You will not be taken seriously without one.

I know that means a whole new set of learning skills and another expense but it's not that bad. There are FREE, people-friendly, sites available out there. Do a search or just go to Weebly and get started. If you're a Mommy entreprenuer, wanting to grow your business and taking so seriously by your customers that they'll pay you money, then you must have a website.

Thursday, February 19

Grow Some Balls Mommy!

You're at home all day with your babies. You feed them. You serve them. You kiss their boo-boos. You're letting your $120,000 college degree lie dormant because you want to be a great stay-at-home mom! So why the guilt when you need to leave the house for a few hours to work on your business?

I don't know! Is it genetically embedded into our female bodies? My husband never feels remorse when he has to leave. Somedays he doesn't even say good-bye. He just runs!

He NEVER lingers around for another round of kisses and hugs. He NEVER stops at the door and comes back to check and see if he should change a diaper. He would NEVER, EVER, EVER, put on his clothes, gather his lap top, and after taking one last look at the sad faces, and the messy room decide it's just easier to stay home!

Why do we do that?!
I don't know; but I do know that I've decided to get me some balls!
That's right. I'm going to act like a man and go to work when I need to go to work!

To All Mommy Entrepreneurs: Your business is just as important as the man's job!
Because you're growing and developing as a human being and as a woman. And every man will tell you that's sexy.
Because you're contributing to the family's finances, even if it's barely $5 a month, it will grow if you stick to it and continue to learn. Anyway, your business creates a lot of tax deductibles for the family.
Because you're teaching the observing children entrepreneurial skills.
Because you're building a family leagacy.

Now let go of the guilt, get some balls and go to work!

Saturday, February 14

A Day of Love!

Today is the day of love. I woke early this morning to wake my husband. He and the boys were scheduled to have breaksfast with the men from the our church. As I walked down the hall to see them out my husband handed me a beautiful bag loaded with candles, massage oil and cozy slippers. On the kitchen table was a huge bouquet of yellow and purple roses and a beautiful card with a handwritten message!

He 's now sleeping contently after being properly thanked.

Now I sit in the den surrounded by my children. My oldest is on his computer 4 inches to my left. The other 3 boys are making and cutting out valentine cards; I have 12. (I'm completely ignoring the mess of construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, etc. on the floor trailing out to the school room.) My baby girl is happily, walking around taste testing the markers whenever she gets a chance.

I only have a couple of business calls to make, a few client emails to send out and then I'm off to my son's play (He's Doody in Grease). When I return my husband and I will catch a late dinner and a movie.

I will relish in this day of love.

Thursday, February 12

Don't Quit!

As Mommy Entreprenuers we have many challenges, primarily balancing home, children, business with many other daily responsibilites. Often it becomes overwhelming. Some days it feels as if we are juggling the balls and other days we're just trying to keep them under the water.

How do we honor our dreams, talents, and clients when there's a 2 year old who wants no one but you and a 14 year old who has to be chauffered to her many extracurricular activites?

All of my clients ask the same question, in one form or another, "should I wait until the child/children get older?" Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you, but know that even moms with teenagers ask the same question.

I advise that you not make the decision to quit because it's "too hard", or "I'm too tired". You're going to experience that with 2 children or 7. Don't quit because, "I feel guilty." You're going to experience that when they are age 2 or age 17. Don't quit because, "I don't have enough time." EVERYONE is experiencing that.

Learn some time management skills. Eat better so that you can maintain your energy and learn how to let go of the guilt by getting a different perspective. Network with another entrepreneur for accountability and support or hire a coach. But whatever you do, DON'T QUIT!

Tuesday, February 10

How To Overcome Procrastination

Before we overcome procrastination we have to understand what's going on in our subconcious thoughts. This does not require therapy or dream analysis; just the willingness to
#1 listen, #2 be honest with ourselves and #3 make a decision.

#1 Listen: Simply ask yourself the question: Why am I procrastinating on this? Very simple but we don't alway flow with the simple. We usually entertain condemning conversations with ourselves: "Im always procrastinating!" "Im just lazy!" "Why am I so stupid!" "Why can't I just do it?!" "I hate procrastinators and now I'm doing it!"

I see this as a little Condemning Demon on my back trying to distract me from enjoying life. I get him off by not resisting him with arguments to defend me.

The issue is, "Why am I procrastinating on THIS?" Sit still to listen. Negative, self-condemning statements will come to your mind. Don't resist them. Continue sitting and wait for the truth to come forth.

So you'll ask the question and you'll hear an angry respose like, "because you're lazy!" to which you'll respond, "maybe, but why am I procrastinating on THIS?"

"because I'm just a procrastinator, I've always been...." interrupt the thought with a loving, accepting, "maybe, but why am I procrastinating on THIS?"

Continue asking the question with love and acceptance; with the object of procrastination at the center of the question and not yourself until the little condemning demon quiets down and the truth comes forth.
#2 Then, you must be willing to be honest with yourself. There are many reasons for procrastinating and you have to decide what you're going to do when the answer comes forth.

internal fears and doubts
lost hope that things will work out or change
overwhelmed with other responsibilites
don't want to accept the responsibilites that will result
just don't want to do it
When faced with the truth be willing to deal with it.
#3 Make a decision, "I'm going to move on despite your fears." or "This will be a fear that I will let control me." When you make a decision you get to the real issue and halt the Condemning Demon regarding procrasination. If "I just don't want to do it." is the real reason, then decide, "I don't want to and I'm not" or "Im going to delegate this to someone else."

Either way you've gotten to the real issue, removed the little condemning demon from off your back and you're well on your way....or not.

Tuesday, February 3

I'm A Rock Star!

I completely understand how Michael Jackson feels; I too have adoring fans that just won't leave me alone. Motherhood has made me a rock star! It's a good thing my stage name, "Mommy" rolls off the lips and doesn't require much enunciation, because my fans call my name ALL DAY LONG and all through the night. They can say it their sleep. They can say it even before they can speak!

My fans follow me everywhere. Michael's fans may follow him from city to city but my fans follow me from room to room! Sometimes they trip me up as they anticipate my next step. They track my location, they sniff me out, they call me on my cell phone. They insist that I come home, or stop cooking, or "pick me up", "let me in", or "play with me"...they adore me! AARRRGH!

Even though I only have 5, they are everywhere! I can't escape them. Sometimes I'll step out the bathroom and find a group of the younger ones standing there at the door clapping and cheering. A couple of the older ones are sprawled across my bed waiting to pounce on me for conversation. They just love being in my presence!

Unlike Michael Jackson, I do things for my fans that he would never do for his: I chauffer them around. I pick their boogers. I buy them things. I wipe their butts. I fix their meals.

Wait, am I a rock star or an enslaved mom?
I'm a Rock Star, baby! A R-O-C-K ST-R!!
Tito, get me some water. Oh, you can't reach it? Then I'll get it. (sigh)

Most stars are wearing clothes created by someone else. I wear a style all my own. In the morning I do a quick wash up and pull sweats over my satin p.j.s. FUNKY FRESH BABY! No time for a shower the fans are already up and demanding to see me. They just love me!
Most stars panic at the thought of being caught at the grocery store. I panic at the thought of TRYING to go to the grocery store. My fans can't handle seeing shoes and a coat. OMG! The crowd goes wild! I can totally relate to MJ. My fans scream and cry and pull at their hair! They snatch at my clothes and pull on my legs...they can't live without me.
My bodyguard-Big Daddy-tries to hold back the crowd or he'll help me slip out the side door, but he's really no match for their obsessive love. Just to keep control of the Uncontrollables he throws cookies into the crowd and entertains them until I return. Some days when I leave he looks like he's going to cry to.
Yeah, I think he's falling for this rock star. I may have to fire him if he can't handle his emotions.
If there are any other funky fresh, rock star moms out there hollar at me!
Tito where are my sunglasses?