Thursday, February 12

Don't Quit!

As Mommy Entreprenuers we have many challenges, primarily balancing home, children, business with many other daily responsibilites. Often it becomes overwhelming. Some days it feels as if we are juggling the balls and other days we're just trying to keep them under the water.

How do we honor our dreams, talents, and clients when there's a 2 year old who wants no one but you and a 14 year old who has to be chauffered to her many extracurricular activites?

All of my clients ask the same question, in one form or another, "should I wait until the child/children get older?" Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you, but know that even moms with teenagers ask the same question.

I advise that you not make the decision to quit because it's "too hard", or "I'm too tired". You're going to experience that with 2 children or 7. Don't quit because, "I feel guilty." You're going to experience that when they are age 2 or age 17. Don't quit because, "I don't have enough time." EVERYONE is experiencing that.

Learn some time management skills. Eat better so that you can maintain your energy and learn how to let go of the guilt by getting a different perspective. Network with another entrepreneur for accountability and support or hire a coach. But whatever you do, DON'T QUIT!

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