Saturday, February 14

A Day of Love!

Today is the day of love. I woke early this morning to wake my husband. He and the boys were scheduled to have breaksfast with the men from the our church. As I walked down the hall to see them out my husband handed me a beautiful bag loaded with candles, massage oil and cozy slippers. On the kitchen table was a huge bouquet of yellow and purple roses and a beautiful card with a handwritten message!

He 's now sleeping contently after being properly thanked.

Now I sit in the den surrounded by my children. My oldest is on his computer 4 inches to my left. The other 3 boys are making and cutting out valentine cards; I have 12. (I'm completely ignoring the mess of construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, etc. on the floor trailing out to the school room.) My baby girl is happily, walking around taste testing the markers whenever she gets a chance.

I only have a couple of business calls to make, a few client emails to send out and then I'm off to my son's play (He's Doody in Grease). When I return my husband and I will catch a late dinner and a movie.

I will relish in this day of love.

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