Tuesday, February 10

How To Overcome Procrastination

Before we overcome procrastination we have to understand what's going on in our subconcious thoughts. This does not require therapy or dream analysis; just the willingness to
#1 listen, #2 be honest with ourselves and #3 make a decision.

#1 Listen: Simply ask yourself the question: Why am I procrastinating on this? Very simple but we don't alway flow with the simple. We usually entertain condemning conversations with ourselves: "Im always procrastinating!" "Im just lazy!" "Why am I so stupid!" "Why can't I just do it?!" "I hate procrastinators and now I'm doing it!"

I see this as a little Condemning Demon on my back trying to distract me from enjoying life. I get him off by not resisting him with arguments to defend me.

The issue is, "Why am I procrastinating on THIS?" Sit still to listen. Negative, self-condemning statements will come to your mind. Don't resist them. Continue sitting and wait for the truth to come forth.

So you'll ask the question and you'll hear an angry respose like, "because you're lazy!" to which you'll respond, "maybe, but why am I procrastinating on THIS?"

"because I'm just a procrastinator, I've always been...." interrupt the thought with a loving, accepting, "maybe, but why am I procrastinating on THIS?"

Continue asking the question with love and acceptance; with the object of procrastination at the center of the question and not yourself until the little condemning demon quiets down and the truth comes forth.
#2 Then, you must be willing to be honest with yourself. There are many reasons for procrastinating and you have to decide what you're going to do when the answer comes forth.

internal fears and doubts
lost hope that things will work out or change
overwhelmed with other responsibilites
don't want to accept the responsibilites that will result
just don't want to do it
When faced with the truth be willing to deal with it.
#3 Make a decision, "I'm going to move on despite your fears." or "This will be a fear that I will let control me." When you make a decision you get to the real issue and halt the Condemning Demon regarding procrasination. If "I just don't want to do it." is the real reason, then decide, "I don't want to and I'm not" or "Im going to delegate this to someone else."

Either way you've gotten to the real issue, removed the little condemning demon from off your back and you're well on your way....or not.

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