Wednesday, January 28

How Do You Measure Success?

Success means different things to different people and if you're not conscious in this life it is very easy to fall for someone else's definition of "success".

When I first started speaking and training on a national level I had the opportunity to sit under some pretty famous and popular speakers; Brain Tracey, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Tony Robbins just to name a few. I remember feverishly taking notes on how to "fill your appointment book with 300 speaking engagments per year." Two days later, I was feeling pretty stressed about all I had to do and when I prayed it brought me to my senses: I DON'T WANT 300 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS PER YEAR!

I had gotten side-tracked by all of the compliments of my seminars, gotten enamored with the traveling and nice hotels. More than anything, I had gotten giddy about not having to constantly change diapers and pick out their little boogers. I was delirious with joy that I didn't have to figure out what's for dinner and try to remember if I had refilled the ice trays!

So delirious that I allowed someone else to define success for me.

I am now VERY clear on my own definition.

I do a lot of self-reflection. I'm constantly presenting myself (mentally) before my Creator to check my intentions, desires, and thoughts. My constant question: Am I walking in LOVE or Am I walking in FEAR in 4 areas: my relationships, my business, my children, my spiritual growth.

When I allow fear to control my behaviors I feel guilty, or doubtful, or nervous or a failure. Example behaviours: hanging on to my children because "they grow so fast" or not moving in my business or not extending myself to people because "they'll suck up my time".

When I allow love to control my behaviors I feel liberated, joyful, I trust more, I give more. I feel like anything's possible...I feel successful. Example behaviours: trying something new, letting go of an argument even though I'm right, taking time to encourage someone who's lost hope, giving my last, doing what I believe pleases God.

It has nothing to do with money, a busy schedule, popularity or other external forces. I'm my only judge and no one even knows when my judging takes place. I'm successful when I am operating in love. When my intentions, desires and thoughts are focused on doing right and good. When I keep vigilance on those things then business flows, relationships clear up and of course I'm growing spiritually.

How do you measure success?

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  1. Success for me is living a godly life no matter what those around me are doing. Doing what I've been called to do. Being able to help others. Success is taking a beating (spiritually, mentally, emotionally) and refusing to let it stop you.