Monday, June 8

How Should I Handle This?

There are times when I'm not feeling the love; times when I give so much I'm not trying to give anymore.

My children all have their agendas and needs. My husband, God bless him, works 10-12 hours a day in restraurant management. His first love, calling and passion is Pastoring. But since the congregation is still growing he has had to go back to the restraurant to supplement his income.

This means that I'm primarily the one who chauffers, delegates, disciplines, cooks, cleans, oversees, yells, and takes care of the house, children, garden, landscape and homeschool. (He does handle the groceries and finances.) All of this in addition to my coaching business. So on Saturdays I want to leave the home to go sit at my other office-WholeFoods-and plan my week, veg out, catch up on some work....reathe. He usually has that same plan for himself.

Most of the time our oldest son has something going on, so he's not home to babysit and because we live away from our family we don't have a family member to drop them off. I don't like asking friends to babysit our 5 kids all day on a Saturday. (Yes, I'm gone ALL DAY, from noon until 8pm, when I can get away with it

So the question is how should we handle this? I don't want to alternate weekends and to be honest I don't want to compromise-which is a very RARE stance for me. So every Saturday I leave and don't care. Am I being selfish? Leave your honest comments.


  1. No, you're not selfish -- you're desperate!!!

    Your husband is a lovely man, God bless him, but I believe that the time he spends away from home working needs to be balanced with spending time AT home with his kids. Their memories of dad as adults shouldn't be mainly watching him preach on Sunday. Meanwhile, you are at home with the kids all the time, and this needs to be balanced with your getting away and being able to think and breathe and plan.

    How's that?

  2. Oh, wow. I totally understand. Bummer that your oldest can't help. As a wife, I know tha we feel like hubby is getting time 'away' when he's at work and we're at home. But, they don't feel like that's the case. Perhaps you and hubby can split the day?