Sunday, June 14

Do You Tweet?

I do, but I have to admit I haven't lately.
Why not you ask?

Because it's so great! Twitter is wonderful for making connections with people but I love it more for all the wonderful information that's available! Someone is always posting some type of report, some interesting news, a free downloadable thingy, an article; SOMETHING that sends me running around on the internet looking, laughing, reading, researching!
I'll login to tweet some encouraging quotes or my words of encouragement-that's all I tweet, because life is good-and the next thing i know it's 1 hour later!

As entrepreneur moms we have to be selective with our time. If the activity doesn't help you get closer to your goals cut back on the time you spend on it or cut it out altogether.

I had to cut Twitter out all together. But I think I'm strong enough to go back in without getting distracted by all of the information...I think...I am. You can find me at

How do you handle additive, time consuming, social networking activities like Twitter?


  1. I think I suffer from information overload. I didn't care for MySpace because it was just too....I don't know....I guess too busy for me. I got a Facebook page and enjoy it tremendously. If I did Twitter I would be exectly like you described, chasing rabbits all over the internet. I'm a WAHM medical transcriptionist. Give me one boring report with a doctor I can't understand and I will have to post a "Need a new job" tweet! LOL!


  2. I don't get started. Actually, I don't think my plain jane phone will allow it, but I'm not checking! I'm already consumed by the computer for both work and socializing and occasionally playing and doing silly quizzes. The last thing I need is another technological device to distract me from my family and life!

    I can be online, researching a subject for a project, and the next thing I know, I'm reading the entertainment news or following a rabbit trail away from my chosen subject. I know how fast time can get away when we're distracted! Sometimes I force myself to work straight through and save checking blogs as a reward once my job is done. Since I work at home as my own boss, my social networking fun won't cost me my job, but it does cost me late nights and stressful days of meeting deadlines. Goofing off helps me de-stress and recharges my tired batteries, but too much play time has the opposite effect. I've got to find a balance.