Saturday, June 20

Which One Of These Motivates You?

According to psycologists there are nine basic motives to which everyone responds. These nine influence practicially every human thought or action. They are:
Financial Gain
Power & Fame
Anger & Revenge

These circulate, consciously or unconsciously, in your mind and control what you choose to do and what you refrain from doing.

As a woman who has decided to go against the grain of society and stay home with your children AND try your hand at entrepreneurship at the same time, what is motivating you? Be honest with yourself; it doesn't matter how "spiritual" you are, these nine motivators are part of the human psyche and keep us going, for good or bad. When you are conscious, awake, self-examining you can make these work out for your good.

I'll confess, my entrepreneurial pursuit is fueled by:

LOVE-Love for my children and their children, love for my God-I gotta do what I've been gifted to do, and love for women (not that way!)-to be such powerful beings,too many of us struggle alone, I've got to help!
FINANCIAL GAIN-Our one income household only allowed for the basics.
POWER & FAME -Not from this world, but I do want my great-grandchildren to talk about how, "Great-Grandma, Lady T, prayed and pursued her dream to put a stop to the generational curse of poverty and addiction in our family! Now we have business owners, doctors, senators and a U.S. President in our family! She's an awesome, amazingly wise spiritual woman who's still driving around and helping people at the age of 102!"
FREEDOM-Because of my business I have to travel. It's now more than a "I want to" and therefore (somewhat) relieves my guilt about leaving.
ANGER & REVENGE-It's been implied by society and even uttered by some that I can't be a millionaire; oh yeah, I'll show you!
FEAR-If I don't live out my calling, if I don't do my part to lift my children and theirs from a conformist mindset, if I don't help the women that have been divinely assigned to me... then God help me. God help them! Have mercy on us all!

Do you feel that strongly about your business? Do you see that you are tied to others and they need you to be in position when it's time to meet? Do you understand the affect that your entreprenuerial journey has on you, your children and your children's children? Are you in tuned to the things that are motivating you?
Or is it just me?
Please share what motivates you, it'll help other women better understand themselves. If you're on Facebook just click the link so that your comment shows on the blog.


  1. I am motivated by Creativity and Love. I'm not sure about self-preservation. Maybe not that one, since the job I have, my dream job, fell into my lap. I didn't go looking for it because I didn't know what to do when my world fell apart (other that weep and pray). So that was a God thing.

  2. I am motivated by "Creativity" "Love" and "Fear". I love to create - makes sense because I am a photographer and love it. I am motivated to share, spread, treasure, and preserve love in my daily life. Fear motivates me to not give up on my life, my children, & marriage.