Tuesday, June 9

Top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook. It is an excellent professional networking resource. Many people use it as a job search tool; and entreprenuers use it as a powerful resource in the development, launch and success of their ventures.
On LinkedIn you can join up to 50 user-created groups from a list of thousands, absolutely free of charge. Not only do these groups allow you to connect with group members who could become future partners, customers, investors and employees of your business; but you also have access to the group discussion boards and news sections which provide more networking opportunities, answers to your questions and great advice!

Here are the Top 5 LinkedIn Groups that I believe will be beneficial for entrepreneurs.

1.Start-Up Phase Forum Community for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the startup or startup phase of their own businesses.

2. Bright Ideas and Entrepreneurs A forum for entrepreneurs from all over the world to share bright ideas and insights.

3. eMarketing Association Network - Largest marketing community on LinkedIn for all professionals interested in new internet marketing ideas, strategies and tactics.

4. LInked Business Strategists - Network for professionals exchanging knowledge and helping entrepreneurs and startups find and evaluate the right strategies for their businesses worldwide.

5. Entrepreneur’s Network - Community for current and aspiring entrepreneurs offering a place to find answers, ask questions and connect with people in this space.

If you haven't already, join LinkedIn today and connect with me at http://www.linkedin.com/in/thebusinesscoachformoms.

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