Monday, March 9

Work With What You Got!

So it's been suggested that I change my banner from the gorgeous, pink leopard with the lashes-that I created with my own Adobe, incompetant hands-to.... something else. Well because the person who recommended it is my coach and I pay her money, I decided to trust her judgement. So I went on a search for stock photography that would represent the image of a business mom.

After several days, I found a perfect picture but they wanted $100 for it! I decided to call my photographer over and asked her to recreate the same picture using the items on my desk. The result is the new and improved banner that you see above. Since my photographer is a mom that I coach we were able to barter our services. She's doing what she loves to do, take pictures for me. And I'm doing what I love to do, coaching a motivated momtrepreneur to success!

If you're looking to spend money, stop and look around you. Oftentimes you can get creative and just work with what you got!


  1. I love your new graphic! This picture is worth a 1,000 words!

  2. Love the new banner very much! It's a good change for you! That image works very well!!

  3. This is my first visit, but I love your blog and enjoyed reading a few posts!