Tuesday, March 3


When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurted?

In this fast-paced, busy, go-go world, it's easy for mom entrepreneurs to get stressed-out by our committments, children and challenges. It's easy to forget that life is suppose to be fun and exciting. Our children remind us of this all the time, but we're "too busy". They're "too silly". And excitment makes "too much of a mess."

Mommy, here is a great tip to remember: laughter is a precious gift for a crazed society. The mental and physcial benefits are numerous! When you laugh endorphins and adrenaline are released into your blood stream. This helps build your immune system, remove stress hormones, and gives you a natural high. Laughter tightens your stomach muscles. It improves blood circulation and increases blood oxygenation. It lowers blood pressure. It is LITERALLY, medicine.

Laughter also improves memory by helping us to retain information; something that great teachers and advertisers always capitalize on. It boosts our emotional state of mind allowing us to see things in a different light. This opens up our creativity and problem-solving abilities.

It's free, natural and culturally acceptable for both men and women. Go ahead laugh until your belly aches! LOL!

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