Wednesday, July 22

Teens Making Lots of Money

It's always inspiring to read about people who followed their heart and became rich! Well this Forbes articles tells us about the TEENAGE entrepreneurs who have done this and became millionaires!

Don't get jealous! Just commit to working your small business until it makes you a millionaire. It's possible for all of us. Just think about it, there's only 5 billion people on earth, and Bill Gates alone is worth 50 BILLION DOLLARS. Potentially, everyone on earth could be a multi-billionaire just off the back of one man! And he would still be the one of richest persons in the world.

Now of course I'm not suggesting that Gates distribute his money to the masses. I'm merely using this illustration to show the abundance of money and why we need not be jealous of the teenagers who learned how to tap into the small business market until it rained millions on their heads.

Go for what your know! And read the article here.

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